Torah Portion 24 Vayikra He Called Torah Portion without Commentary

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Torah Portion 24 Vayikra – He Called

Leviticus 1-5

Torah portion 24 – Vayikra discuses:

Vayikra, Torah Portion 24. YHWH discusses how He wishes to be worshiped with different types of offerings for different types of way to approach Him.


  • Leviticus 1:1 | The Burnt Offering
  • Leviticus 2:1 | Grain Offerings
  • Leviticus 3:1 | Offerings of Well-Being
  • Leviticus 4:1 | Sin Offerings
  • Leviticus 5:14 | Offerings with Restitution



HafTorah Portion

Isaiah 43:21-44:23

    • Isaiah 43:1 | Restoration and Protection Promised
    • Isaiah 44:1 | God’s Blessing on Israel
    • Isaiah 44:9 | The Absurdity of Idol Worship
    • Isaiah 44:21 | Israel Is Not Forgotten


Brit Chadashah

Mark 7:1-30

A discussion about worshiping in ways of man not YHWH. YHWH has a way that He wishes to be worshiped. It is made clear in the Torah and validated in the New Testament.

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