Vayak’hel Torah Portion 22 He Gathered & Pekudei Counting

Published March 21, 2017 by Inquiring Mind in Weekly Torah Portion
vayak'hel torah portion 22

Vayak’hel Torah Portion 22

Exodus 35:1-40:38

Which means He gathered or assembled.

Also Pekudei which means counting

Vayak’hel Torah Portion 22 goes over:

Sabbath regulations, contributions to and construction of the tabernacle (which could have been a dome much like the firmament), the construction of the items in the tabernacle and the priestly garments.

A little aside note on the breast plate of the priests – did you know that the third row of stones is missing from the breast plate that Lucifer wore?

The whole plan of redemption was hidden from him. This is a good article about that here



Vayak’hel Haftorah portion

1 Kings 7:40-50

This Haftorah portion covers the building/constructing of temple tools by Hiram.

Brit Chadashah

Mark 6:14-29/ John 6:1-71


Links to further study Torah Portion 22

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El Shaddai Ministries – Live streaming Saturday mornings at 10am pacific

The Way Biblical Fellowship – Like them on Facebook and watch their Torah portions.

And Now You See TV offers a huge selection of all kinds of interesting perspectives

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