Torah Portion 20 – Tetzave Oil for The Lamp

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Tetzave Torah Portion 20

 Torah Portion 20 – Tetzave

Sh’mot (Exodus)

As the Hebrews put together the tabernacle YHWH gives them commands about how they should go about furnishing the tabernacle. He also goes over how to prepare the priestly garments.  Directions are given for entering the Holy of Holies on the day of atonement.


Haftorah Portion Tetzave
Ezekiel 43:10-27

YHWH talks to Ezekiel about how the mountain is the Torah/tabernacle. Consider how the round tabernacle rather than the square one fits with this discussion much better?

New Testament
Brit Chadasha
Mark 4:35-5:43

This covers the story of the demons and pigs. It also covers the woman healed by touching Yeshua’s tzi tzit.

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Torah portion 20 Tetzave

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