Ley Lines and the Flat Earth Theory

Published March 30, 2016 by Inquiring Mind in Flat Earth

Ley Lines and the flat earth theory…bet you were wondering how long it was going to take me to address the whole flat earth deal right?

First let’s talk about the flat earth theory, which is surprisingly Biblical. If you are like me your immediate response to the idea that the earth could possibly not be a sphere is like saying milk isn’t white or the sky isn’t blue. Well today, let’s just suspend our preconceived notions and wonder out on the sci-fi side for a bit.

To begin with in order to accept the flat earth theory one must first acknowledge a couple conspiracies as fact. The foremost conspiracy being NASA. Now, I was 9 when we may or may not have landed on the moon. The memory is very clear to me of the afternoon/evening while I was living in San Diego on the Coronado Naval Air Station. Being the daughter of a career military officer, I grew up being pretty oriented towards patriotism.

After 911, well maybe a bit before 911, after the shooting down of the TWA Flight 800, I really started to question what we were being told by the news media and trying to line up the evidence that was being reported by the average person who was on the ground. That got me remembering the Gulf war and the stories about how the evidence of the babies being killed in incubators was made up!

My mother used to chide me to quote my source when ever I got into a discussion with her. It drove me crazy as a teen, but that bit of information has served me well as an adult. One needs to base one’s fundamental beliefs on things that are provable based on original or source data.

I choose to be Torah Observant because Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible and he spoke with God. Everything else is commentary on that.

Back to the flat earth theory. Once you accept that our government and world leaders lie to us regularly, the whole idea that they have been lying about a flat earth doesn’t seem so far fetched.

This video is a pretty good primer on the whole flat earth theory if this concept is new to you….

Rob Skiba has done quite a lot of work on this whole topic. You can peruse through his YouTube Channel to get answers to the questions that you are no doubt having about this whole thing.

Now for my thoughts on the ley lines and the flat earth theory. Ley lines themselves are

Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures. They are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the British landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms.

Normally when we talk about ley lines they are over a curved surface. The thing to remember is that they are calculated by longitude and latitude addresses. Instead of looking at them as a lines covering a sphere – think cylinder with slits made to all the cylinder to be squished down at both end to create a sphere – they are more in a spoke orientation radiating out from the north pole.

Interesting thing about ley lines and the flat earth theory

The interesting thing about ley lines on a flat earth model is that they form a seed of life pattern, which coincidentally, looks a whole lot like the new patch and flag for NASA!

Picture of the normal ley lines on a sphere, the new NASA flag and the ley lines on a flat earth map.

ley lines and the flat earth theory
To sum up the whole ley lines and the flat earth theory. Ley lines work even better on a flat earth model because they are orderly, not random and chaotic. And our God is a God of order, not chaos.
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