End Times

How Will The Mark of The Beast Happen?

This article speculates on how I envision the mark of the beast coming into play. Based on what is currently happening in the world, it looks pretty clear.

Setting the Stage For The Mark Of The Beast

Setting the stage for the mark of the beast – coronavirus anyone? For the last decade (probably longer) the dark side has tried endlessly to get a pandemic going. They need a pandemic, a way to terrify the populace, to get them to beg for a cure.

Enter stage left – a mysterious disease disclosed clandestinely with leaked videos from China designed to terrified any rational human being.

Now we have people running around swearing a thin piece of material is a magic charm against a stealthy, deadly (.02% death rate on that one mind you by the WHO’s own numbers) begging for a vaccine.

The Vaccine

Vaccines in general are bad news. Read this if you want to know what is in the vaccines that are already on the market. However the one in store for us to “save us” from this not so deadly disease, freaks me out quit frankly. The manufacture of it should horrify any sane human being.

Here listen to Jana & Stephen Describe it:

Not only that, but the things they want to use it for as disclosed in this video, are down right wrong.

Who Are These People & Why Should Their Opinions Matter?

When I get referred to videos those are my first questions. Stephen and Jana DeNun are long time believers seeking truth. They have been watching current events for a very long time. Stephen was raised in a Jewish family. Jana, I believe is from Czechoslovakia.

Celeste worked in FEMA for twenty years. She is also a believer and understands clearly, what the elite have planned for us.

Back to The Main Plot

This is how I believe it will go down. Eventually, the United States (and possibly the whole world) will have to declare a debt jubilee. At first blush this sounds great right? Well, not really. All of your assets will disappear too. So what you own your house, but you have no cash to pay the taxes.

The other shoe to this debt jubilee will be a “free” digital account, with funds in it and everything. Great! Right? The catch is…

In order to access that account you will a) have to prove you have your vaccination (to track you and allow you to access your account) and b) you will have to sign those Noahide Laws. Yes, it will be voluntary. If you don’t conform to those requirements you won’t be able to leave your house pretty much.

The Vaccination is the Mark of the Beast

Do you really think that the mark of the beast will be rolled out in a way that looks like it is the mark? Satan is WAY more subtle than that. So when you hear your Christian pastor telling you it’s okay to be vaccinated…remember this.

There is no coming back from the damage this vaccine will do to you. It is way better, in my opinion, to lose your head than to change your DNA so you can’t die (your soul can’t die – and yes, I believe that the second death of a normal human does entail the death of ones soul) your eternal lot will be with the demons in the Lake of Fire.