Defiled Temple Spiritual Implications Temple of Baal Arrives

Published March 29, 2016 by Inquiring Mind in Random Musings
defiled temple

As I was watching a video about the arch of Baal being brought to Times Square in April of 2016 (there will be a replication in Trafalgar Square also) I was struck by the thought that the Church is the defiled temple and therefore the abomination of desolation is being set up as we speak. Hear me out.

This Temple of Baal Arch that has been replicated from the one destroyed last year in Iraq by ISIS, will be erected on April 21, 2016, which coincidentally just happens to be Passover. Because the Church is so busy being involved in idol worship which is really what easter, christmas & halloween are, they miss the bigger spiritual implications of things being done against God in the open. This is why is suggest that the defiled temple, well, it is already happening.

These are the things we know:

The Church IS the temple of God

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16

The two Witnesses are the Jews and the Church (in so far as they are believers who adhere to the Word of God, not men’s confused doctrines) technically speaking the all of Israel, the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. Jim Staley did a good presentation about who Y’shua came back for here.


Yes this is pretty long, however I promise,  you will walk away with  much better understanding of your place in the Kingdom. I could refer you to other, much more convoluted explanations, but this one is straight forward. People have lots of opinions about Jim Staley because of his legal troubles. Personally I’m no more righteous than he and he has a gift for explaining God’s word in a way that makes sense to those of us lay people who just want to worship the one true God the way He wants to be worshiped.

Now that you have the ground worked laid out for you, let’s look at the defiled temple spiritual implications I eluded to in the beginning.

This is rather an eschatological – the study of end times things – observation. (If you hang around long enough you will know that I came to the Lord because of a desire to understand the times we live in from a Biblical perspective.)

We know that the temple will be rebuilt in the times of the end. Suppose that the Church is the temple that is being rebuilt, that the two witness are Moses & Elijah in that they represent the Law and the prophets as well as the natural and  unnatural branches. And suppose that the defilement is happening as these gate ways are being opened between the two dimensions.

Of course this is a spritualization of something that could also have a physical manifestation. There are connections between 1260 days that can be looked at as years too. That link has some thoughts and speculation about the antichrist.

This is the video that got me wondering about the defiled temple spiritual implications topic this morning….


For your information, there are also arches being built in other places around the United States. Arches have spiritual significance. Some people suspect that they could be gateways to spiritual dimensions.


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