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Arch Of Baal Arch Of Triumph Slight Of Hand

I was going to write a post about the Rapture today, but saw a video that tied the Arch of Baal and the Arch of Triumph together for me, in a way that can be described as a slight of hand trick  by the elites of the world who apparently decided that putting up a copy of the Arch Baal was too much of an in your face move. Though I do have to say, that that kind of stuff happens all the time. Like the lighting up of the Empire State Building:

And lest we forget the lighting up of the White House in Rainbow colors. You can’t convince me this was a last minute event. It takes time to organize something as grandiose as this:

Back to the Arch of Baal and Arch of Triumph Connection

After my initial shock of learning that the Arch of Baal was going to make its appearance in Time Square, in New York a friend of mine sent me an article stating that they (the powers that be) decided that they were just going to do the Arch of Triumph instead. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me at the time to investigate just what the Arch of Triumph was all about. The other thing was that the arch wasn’t going to be making its way to the US.  Well, we already have an Arch of Triumph in New York…

This is a rather large picture because, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t really clear where this Washington Arch was actually located.  This is an important piece of information when you watch the video that I’m going to add here shortly.

I do have to wonder exactly where in Time Square the Arch of Baal was intended to be put up? After watching the video, I wonder if they weren’t going to erect it across from the Washington Arch. Two even entrances into the rotunda or womb. Having searched around the net as extensively as I can at the moment, there is  no further information as to exactly where in Time Square the Arch was going to be put up.  If any of you actually know where it was intended could you please let that information in the comments below?

The bottom line for me, is that there is no need for the arch of Triumph to come to the US because we already have one here! (Be prepared to be shocked, and I do mean shocked – when you see what that arch is all about.)

Here is the video that I watched that gives information about the Arch of Baal and the Arch of Triumph:

After watching this and a special report over on USAWatchDog’s youtube channel featuring Rob Kirby…I’m thinking this country needs to duck and cover. Destruction is coming and I believe it will happen quickly. Now is the time to prepare spiritually and physically. And as Greg Hunter likes to say, “Fear not for God the Father is in control”.