End Times

Is the AntiChrist Rising As We Watch?

Last week, the week ending July 15th 2016, I was watching the following video. The thought crossed my mind that Erdogan could be the antichrist who makes peace with Israel.

Israeli News Live Talking About The Rise of The Antichrist and the Third Temple

In this video we learn that Turkey is working on making a deal with Israel that will end in the building of the third temple.

For years the west has been so confident that the AntiChrist would arise out of the west even though that thought isn’t anywhere in scripture. If you have followed Walid Shoebat for any length of time, you are aware that he believes that Islam plays a huge role in the end times prophecies.

In this article he flat out says that Erdogan is the antichrist.

The “ten horns” of the fourth beast is the seven Muslim Caliphates represented through the succession of 10 kings from the Rashidun Caliphate to the Ottoman where the empire continued for 1260 lunar years from the sixth century until Islam was finally bruised in the 19th century. Now after them comes this one: the eleventh.

If our interpretation is correct and Erdogan is the man, he is the 11th king, the little horn who comes “after them”. He is the little horn because his span is only seven years from when he is inaugurated as Caliph where he commences to enter Europe by his flood (of immigrants) “proceeding out of the dragon’s mouth”.

This will be the greatest turmoil effecting mostly Europe.

Indeed, this is the greatest time to live. To me it is like when Moses asked God to speak to the people where the people were frightened yet Moses thrived.

In the Middle East, the secularists are all crying out that Erdogan is rebuilding the Ottoman “Caliphate” and is “different” than his predecessors. “After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones”. Erdogan by initially commingling westerndemocracy with Sufi Islam while the sleepy West fails to monitor our Arabic headlines which is perceived by the sleepy West as ‘moderate Islam’.

From Erdogan’s perspective Davutoğlu and Gulen were simply not Muslim Brotherhood enough, men who wanted to exercise their legitimate authority over Erdogan which he was legally entitled. These were obstacles just as it was when he ousted Abdullah Gul before them . . .Through his palace, and by his coups, the Muslim Brotherhood through Erdogan has now catapulted to becoming the ultimate ruler of the most powerful Muslim country in the world

Additional Thoughts About Where We Are Headed

The coup attempt over the weekend has simply catapulted Erdogan right into the place he wanted to be especially if he is the antichrist. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. The question is, how many are awake and watching?

The next piece of this puzzle might be happening in the US. We have done so much to turn away from God. I’m having to wonder if this 9th of Av (August 13/14) won’t have serious implications. What if we are Babylon? Or at least one type of Babylon as so many times things have more than one fulfillment. What if Iran (or any number of nuclear armed countries) decide to blast an EMP over us? Then the Russians & Chinese simply walk in and take over? That would pretty much wipe the US out of the picture prophetically.

Those these are terrifying times, fear not, for the Lord is in control. Remember, these times should not overtake you as a thief in the night if you are a child of the most High.

2020 Update

This article was originally written in 2016 – so much has happened since then right?

While I do still suspect that the United States will be wiped out by 2024 (the next eclipse) I have another that I think is a much better candidate for the Anti Christ. One of these days soon I will reveal what I’m thinking about that.